Asus working on Kinect laptop, compatible with Windows 8

Zac Bowden

New reports are appearing on the web today suggesting that Asus are working on a new laptop that will include Kinect gestures and will be compatible with Windows 8. What does this mean for the consumer? Portable gestures in Windows 8!

The Daily have written up a new report claiming that they had been given access to play with an in-development laptop that supports Kinect. The laptop is being worked on by Asus, and supports Windows 8.

The gesture sensors will set where the Webcam would normally sit (usually above the screen) and includes LEDs beneath the display. The Daily wasn’t able to capture any screenshots of the prototype, or use the gesture control itself. This is not the first time we have heard of this. There have been prototypes seen of Windows 8 laptops made by Asus that had a built-in Kinect sensor along the top of the screen, so it made sense when we heard this report again.

Just think of the possibilities. We could have visual recognition via an integrated Kinect which could add an extra layer of protection by using gestures, facial recognition, or a combination thereof for unlocking a computer. Pretty neat stuff.

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced that the Kinect would be available for Windows begining February 1st of this year. On top of that, the price was revealed to be $250, which is $100 more than the Kinect for Xbox.

Kinect SDK is already available for Windows, with the correct hardware coming February 2012. Is Microsoft expecting Kinect integrated apps in the App Store included with Windows 8? Leave your suggestions below!