Asus unlocks the power of Windows 10 with new gaming PCs

Staff Writer

Microsoft is on a hardware blitz this week with their Windows 10 devices event on Tuesday being followed up by several partners showing off their own Windows 10 PCs. HP and Dell have both had their turn and today Asus announced several new Republic of Gaming (ROG) PCs built exclusively for Windows 10. The news is detailed in a new blog post from Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, who joined ASUS Chairman, Jonney Shih, onstage at ROG Unleashed in San Francisco. The hardware announced at the event included the ROG GX700, ROG G752, and ROG G20 Compact Desktop PC.
Myerson says both companies worked closely together to develop this hardware and make full use of the new DirectX 12 capabilities. He goes on to highlight how Windows 10 is the best gaming experience ever delivered by Microsoft with features like Game DVR, an Xbox app, DirectX 12 and several exclusive games including Halo and Minecraft. Apparently DirectX 12 has been adopted faster than any other version before it with games such as Fable Legends and Gears of War pushing the new technology to its limit. DirectX 12 is also supported by the most popular game development engines including Unreal, Unity and Oxide.

Myerson tossed around out some statistics too saying:

  • 143,000 years of games has already been played on Windows 10 since it launched just over 2 months ago
  • The game Solitaire has 7 million people playing over 300 minutes per month on Windows 10

These are exciting times for PC owners as not only can many people access Windows 10 for free but the operating system is getting some really cool hardware to run on. This is the launch that Windows 8 should have been but let’s not spoil the present by dwelling on the past.
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