Asus gives up on Windows RT, claims ‘result is not very promising’



More negativity for Microsoft’s Windows RT platform. According to a new interview with Asus chairman Jonney Shih, Windows RT has been providing the company with results that are “not very promising.” In fact, Asus will be pulling back on Windows RT device production and focusing more on Windows 8 instead.

In the interview, Shih is not completely giving up on Windows RT, which is typically what someone does say when they really are giving up on something but don’t want to upset anyone. Regardless, Shih stated that his company is placing all the efforts into devices that use Intel chips, since people still use a lot of classic desktop apps. So in other words, expect to see more Windows 8 based Asus tablets.

Shih believes that the 10 inch tablet is a device that will “make more sense” and Asus is thinking about building a smaller 10 inch Windows 8 tablet as well as an 8 inch tablet. Asus recently revealed the Transformer Book Trio, which not only runs Windows, but also Android. Shih points out that Microsoft has made other mistakes too, aside from Windows RT. The other mistake was removing the Start button. According to Shih, one of the most popular apps for Windows 8 is a program to bring back the classic Start menu.

Windows RT has been facing a bit of heat as of late, so this comes as no surprise to see Asus backing away from it.

Do you agree with Shih?