Asus dumps Microsoft’s Windows RT, says platform ‘has not been successful’



According to a new report, Asus has dumped Windows RT due to the platform not being successful. This comes after Asus reportedly looking to ease back Windows RT device production to focus on devices running Intel chips and Microsoft’s full-fledged Windows 8 operating system.

“It’s not only our opinion, the industry sentiment is also that Windows RT has not been successful,” Asus CEO Jerry Shen stated. Recently, Asus chairman Jonney Shih revealed that Windows RT was not providing the company with results that were”not very promising.” In fact, Asus had stated that the company would be pulling back on Windows RT device production and focusing more on Windows 8 instead.

Asus apparently took a writedown on its Windows RT tablets during the company’s second quarter, but actual figures were not revealed. Microsoft recently revealed that the company earned $853 million in revenue for the Surface brand, which is less than the $900 million charge that Microsoft took.

Asus is placing all efforts into devices that use Intel chips, powered by Windows 8. According to Asus, people still use a lot of classic desktop apps. So in other words, expect to see more Windows 8 based Asus tablets. Asus is also thinking about building a smaller 10 inch Windows 8 tablet as well as an 8 inch tablet.