ASUS chairman thinks Windows isn't the right operating system for smartphones

Hammad Saleem

Asus chairman thinks Windows isn't the right operating system for smartphones

Windows Phone had its fair share of problems and issues in the past few years, thanks to Android and iOS which are the two most popular mobile operating systems. Despite being the third most popular mobile OS, Windows Phone’s market share is no where near its rivals. Microsoft aims to change this with Windows 10 Mobile, which is already available in preview form to Windows Insiders and comes with a handful of features and enhancements to make the operating system stand out.

Not too long ago, ASUS unveiled the ZenFone 2 in the United States, powered by Android, but it seems the company has no plans to opt for Windows for its smartphones at the moment. Asus chariman Jonney Shih told Mashable that Windows Phone may not be as productive on phones when compared with iOS and Android.

“The advantage of Windows is productivity and entertainment at the same time,” Shih said. “The advantage [of Windows on phones] is not that much [when compared to iOS and Android], frankly speaking.”

Microsoft is betting big on Windows 10 as it offers features which differentiates it from its competitors, especially Continuum, which automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Microsoft demoed the feature at Build 2015 and it looks promising as users can just connect their smartphones to bigger display and be productive at the same time — you can check out our hands-on review about Continuum here.