Assurant risk management company uses Office 365 to transform collaboration

Kit McDonald

For the global provider for specialty risk management solutions, Assurant values privacy and security above all else. The solution provider offers protection on valuables from big natural disasters sweeping away your home to the engagement ring you bought for your significant other. That is why the Chief Information Officer of Assurant swears by the use of Office 365 for all of their needs.

In fact, Robert Lewis wrote a guest blog post for the Office Team sharing his experience with Office 365 in the workplace. He wrote about the many reasons that the company has found Microsoft products to be the most useful and recognizable for their employees. Robert praised Officer 365 for its mobility.

Assurant had looked at other cloud-based solutions but their decision resulted in a much more connected workspace. With their adoption of the Office 365 platform, they created their own deployment tagged “Your Power to Connect”. Employees could be more productive and powerful by connecting and working together more closely.

We are generating innovative ideas with global product teams using Skype for Business Online meetings. Brainstorming ideas about ways to differentiate our business is much more fruitful now that we include employees from all over the world. We share desktops and discuss ideas in a visual, collaborative mode. During these web-based meetings, we get considerable feedback and engagement by seeding a few ideas on a whiteboard to spark creative discussion about new products. It’s been very successful for us.

Using the products back and forth between different devices not only makes transferring information and files easier, but lets employees attend meetings and collaborate no matter where they are. Assessing property claims and taking video footage could immediately be uploaded into the file it was meant to be through their new intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Even Yammer is becoming a spotlight for the home page of Assurant’s intranet. Communication between the employees of the solution provider has never been tighter. Being able to work, coordinate, and socialize with their colleagues has become the norm to increase productivity company wide.