Artists worldwide use Microsoft’s Surface to be more creative

Dave W. Shanahan

Surface Pro 4

With the help from Microsoft, street artists from around the globe came together to create inspiring murals as part of Microsoft’s “Do Great Things” campaign. Microsoft partnered with Jasper Wong, co-founder of POW! WOW!; a global network of artists that coordinate gallery shows, schools for music and art and manage Lana Lane Studios in Honolulu. Using the Microsoft Surface, local street artists in 12 countries explained why the 2-in-1 is a great Windows 10 device to help them create their murals.

Jasper Wong gives his take on the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen:

“There is a certain flow when you work creatively. However, the tools you use can sometimes interrupt that flow. You spend a lot of time moving from one tool to another when you use the wrong device. With Surface my creative flow is totally streamlined. I can literally take things from idea to finished form without interruption.”

Microsoft believes that the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are the best tools for artists because they can run feature-rich applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Manga Studio, and even AutoCAD, all-in-one mobile and lightweight device.

Over the course of five weeks, artists from the US, Germany, Australia, Japan, Portugal, China, France, Belgium, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan took part in this global art project.

Take a look at all the artists and their murals from around the globe in the links below:

Microsoft has already shown how the Surface Book can be the ultimate canvas for artists. As part of this Designed on Surface Microsoft partnership, artists around the globe show us how they use the Surface Pro 4 to literally project their mural designs on their multitude of canvases. Microsoft believes, that as art and technology continue to intermingle, the Surface will continue to help artists create and collaborate worldwide.