Arrow launcher updated for some, picks up “Arrow Hub” card, ability to sync files between Android phone and computer

Arif Bacchus

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft recently dropped an update for Arrow Launcher, and it delivers to some users a new feature which allows you to sync files between your Android Phone and your computer. At the moment there is some confusion, as some users are reporting to see the new features, and some are not, but we’re using the standard non-beta version of Arrow Launcher and we’re seeing it in the most recent version of the app, which is

Along with the sync options, the latest update brings quite a number of other new features. For your convenience, we’re leaving the changelog below, before we get into the specifics of how the new sync features work.

 What is new with Arrow 3.5:

  • Search upgrade with voice search & QR/barcode search
  • More responsive search experience
  • New card: Arrow Hub card, your one-stop PC to mobile file transfer center;
  • New card: MSN News card with category selections;
  • Support more feature on backup & restore: Widgets/icon pack and more settings;
  • Voice input for Reminder & Notes
  • Option to turn off recent apps in app drawer
  •  Stability and bug fixes

As the changelog shows, the sync features are delivered via a new Arrow Hub Card. Though the card was not enabled for us by default after the update, we enabled it by pressing on “Edit” on our Utility Page and then and pressing on “Show” next to Arrow Hub in the list. Once we enabled the Arrow Hub Card, we were greeted with the prompt below, which told us that we could navigate to to access any files we have synced using the new Arrow Hub Card.

Arrow Launcher Sync Files

Uploading files to sync was relatively easy, and all it took was a press of the upload button. It’s worth noting we needed to sign in with a Microsoft account to use the sync feature, which would make sense given that the sync depends on, and creates an Arrow Hub folder in OneDrive to work. Multiple file types could also be uploaded, including images, videos, documents and text from the clipboard. The files which were uploaded appeared in the Hub Card in a timeline like layout.

ArrowHub on the web

The website which lists the files, meanwhile, is accessible from any web browser on any OS that is connected to the internet. It keeps the same layout from the Arrow Hub card, and lists all files, with a big “+” button for the option to upload files to sync to the phone.

It is very fitting to see that Microsoft is testing this Arrow Hub feature with certain users, as the upcoming TimeLine, Clipboard, and Pick Up Where You Left Off features in the next featured update to Windows 10 will also allow you to sync files between all your devices. For now, we invite you to check out your version of this app to see if you have this new sync feature.

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