ARM64 support, tab and history syncing won’t be ready for the stable version of Chromium-based Edge

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has just recently announced the general availability date of the new Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser, set for initial rollout on January 15th, 2020. While that might mean the browser is stable enough for the company to release it to users, that doesn’t mean it’ll come with every feature out of the box.

As it turns out, the browser won’t natively support ARM64 chipsets at launch due to an ARM-exclusive bug, according to a report from Neowin. That means devices devices running Windows 10 on ARM, including the Surface Pro X that just recently became available, are better suited running the classic version of Edge in the meantime.

Additionally, those who do have Intel/AMD processors will also miss out on some features. The new Edge won’t come built-in with syncing of things like history, tabs, or extensions, however password syncing will continue to be available.

Microsoft is set to release the new version of its Microsoft Edge browser for Windows and macOS devices starting on January 15. ARM64 support and history/extension syncing are coming, even if at a later date than some would like.

Do you have an ARM-powered Windows 10 PC? Can you live without history syncing? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.