Arizona Police Hacked for the Second Time


Recently, the hacker group LulzSec, which supposedly disbanded, hacked into the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s computers and leaked a large cache of sensitive files including training manuals, emails, and intelligence documents. Today, the Arizona Department of Public Safety was hacked yet again.

Today, the Arizona Dept of Public Safety was hacked again and private emails, social networking accounts, photos and other personal information which was claimed from at least a dozen officers were exposed by AntiSec, an operation started by Anonymous and the LulzSec collectively.

Before announcing that they were disbanding, LulzSec hacked into the Department of Public Safety’s computers and leaked a plethora of files. “We are targeting AZDPS specifically because we are against SB1070 law and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona. Hackers of the world are uniting and taking direct action against our common oppressorss—the government, corporations, police, and militaries of the world,” LulzSec stated.

AntiSec said in an online post that it was hitting Arizona police again and “dumping booty pirated from a dozen Arizona police officer’s personal email accounts looking specifically for humiliating dirt.”

“This leak has names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, social security numbers, online dating account info, voicemails, chat logs, and seductive girlfriend pictures belonging to a dozen Arizona police officers. We found more internal police reports, cops forwarding racist chain emails, k9 drug unit cops who use percocet, and a convicted sex offender who was part of FOP Maricopa Lodge Five,” AntiSec said.

Arizona’s Dept of Public Safety responded by saying, “The hackers did not enter state computers but hacked into the personal accounts of the officers.”

No word on what else was possibly taken.