Are you having audio issues in Windows 10? You aren't alone

Jonny Caldwell

Windows 10

Many insiders have reported audio issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview. The issues were reported from builds 10130 to 10162, but luckily 10166 may fix this issue. Microsoft is also working closely with hardware manufacturers to provide drivers for some their hardware. 

If you are experiencing audio issues on your PC consider looking into the forum post of John Wink, Senior Software Engineer who works at the Media Quality Team at Microsoft:

Here’s where I need your help. Once you’ve installed 10166 and updated to the latest audio drivers (from Windows Update or from your OEM’s web site), I want to hear what kind of issues you’re still seeing. I invite you to e-mail me at “mediaq at Microsoft dot com” with the following: 

  1. Run DxDiag.exe, click “Save all information” and send me that file 
  2. In the same e-mail, explain to me the symptoms you’re seeing 

Using this information, I can work with our hardware partners to get the best experience possible. Across the Windows Insiders Community, you have a far broader spectrum of configurations than I could ever hope to have in a test lab, so your help here would be really valuable to me. 

Of course, you can always start a new discussion in the forums. John and other members of the Media Quality Team will be on the lookout for new posts as Microsoft investigates this issue. Also, if you have been running the Insider Preview since the very beginning it came out, it’s recommended that you reinstall your old operating system and then install the latest build 10166.

Are you experiencing issue with you audio in the Windows Insider Preview? Have you managed to fix them? Let is know in the comments below.