AppRaisin introduces mobile web site for Windows Phone 8 and non-Windows users

Arif Bacchus

The developers of AppRaisin have some good news for you Windows Phone 8 and non-Windows users. AdDuplex, the group behind the app, is launching a mobile web site.

The move is a result of AdDuplex’s goal of “expanding and uniting Windows user communities.” It is also the result of requests for the AppRasin team to support Windows Phone 8 devices.  As per an email sent to us, scaling down a UWP app is difficult, and also affected the decision to create a mobile website.

The mobile website, which is read-only for now, means that users won’t be left behind, and all users can still follow all the news from the Windows apps and games. So, if you’re interested in keeping up with the top app releases and updates on the Windows Store, be sure to download the AppRaisin app at the link below, or visit on your mobile device today!

Developer: AdDuplex
Price: Free