Apply all firmware and driver updates to the Surface Pro devices with a single installer

Joseph Finney

Apply all firmware and driver updates to the Surface Pro 3 with a single installer

Enterprise customers frequently deploy hundred of devices at one time which is why Microsoft has tools like System Center Configuration Manager to make the process easier. Another new tool Microsoft just released for their Surface Pro line of devices will update all firmware and drivers since launch from a single downloadable package. This tool is aimed at simplifying the update process for new devices and removing the delays associated with updating a fresh device via Windows Update.

This new tool only contains the updates to the firmware and drivers, not the entire set of drivers for the Surface Pros. Users expecting to use this tool for creating a standard image for their Surface Pro devices will need to start with the drivers before using this package to apply updates. Anyone who has experienced refreshing a PC knows the long and painful process of applying updates, hopefully this tool will make that easier for enterprises and enthusiasts alike!