Apple could be getting ready to debut its Mixed Reality headset at WWDC 2023

Kevin Okemwa

man wearing mixed reality headset

According to a report by Economic Daily News, Apple has been busy at work and is getting ready to launch its Mixed Reality headset during its annual developer conference,  the World-Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). As we already know, the conference is slated to run from June 5 through the 9 this year.

GIS, a Foxconn subsidiary that’s behind the lens lamination business of the Mixed Reality headset has indicated that the production phase for the headset is almost coming to an end. It further added that the upcoming Reality Pro headset should be ready to transition to the delivery stage soon.

Additionally, GIS highlighted that it had managed to successfully tap into the metaverse market this year and that it was preparing to begin shipping the product to customers in the second quarter. However, the company didn’t mention which company would be the beneficiary of its lens lamination services.

Once the laminated lens is ready, Luxshare, the company in charge of assembling the Mixed Reality headset will take over. It has been indicated that the process won’t be a walk in the park. This is mainly because the headset device will be able to switch between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Apple was extremely vague while making the WWDC23 announcement and only mentioned that it would feature the latest about Apple platforms, technologies, and tools.

To this end, there’s little to go on about this entry, though Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman indicated that the headset will focus on fitness, gaming, and collaboration, with gaming acting as the “center piece” for the headset’s appeal. However, this wasn’t Apple’s initial plan.

It’s also been indicated that there are plans underway to adapt iPad apps for the new headset with the intent to grant users access to millions of existing apps from third-party app developers.

If this new report is anything to go by, it will be interesting to see how Apple is able to make the launch in June during the conference given the “complexity” of assembling the product. Also, it will be able to replicate experiences provided by the like of Microsoft and Meta. We’ll have to wait and see.

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