Apple Store Bans Employees From Being Negative


New material has leaked to the internet showcasing confidential training material for Apple store employees. Apparently, Apple store employees are forbidden from being negative while in the store and must stick to a script when dealing with customers.

Looks like Apple’s dirty little secret is out now, thanks to San Francisco Apple Store employee Cory Moll. Moll is fighting for better wages, benefits, and against “unfair practices.” “The core issues definitely involve compensation, pay, benefits,” said Moll. Moll has been working at Apple for 4 years and makes $14 dollars an hour.

To give you an idea, Apple ‘Geniuses’ are told to say, “as it turns out” rather than “unfortunately” to sound less negative towards customers when the so-called Genius cannot solve a problem.

Everything is scripted within the store, according to the manuals. If a customer mispronounces a name of a product, Apple store staff members are NOT to correct them. In fact, new staff must be shadowed by more experiences Apple Store employees until they are deemed ready to work alone and follow the script. This can take a few weeks, if not longer.

Ever wonder what the word ‘Apple’ really meant? From what is said in the manual, “‘Approach’ customers with a personalised warm welcome; ‘Probe’ politely to understand all the customer’s needs; ‘Present’ a solution for the customer to take home today; ‘Listen’ for and resolve any issues or concerns; and ‘End’ with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.”

Apple Store wages range from $9 to $15 per hour for sales and can reach $30 per hour for Genius Bar staff. Don’t expect to promote quickly either, moving from a staff position at an Apple Store to Apple corporate is “rare.”

Apple has more than 30,000 retail employees in its 325 stores around the world.