Apple Steals Microsoft Employee to Run Mysterious Data Center


More bad news for Microsoft as one of its employees jumped ship and joined Apple to work on their data centers. Kevin Timmons, known for building efficient Internet-scale data centers on a budget, left Microsoft to work for Apple.

As SFGate reports, Microsoft confirmed that Kevin Timmons, who has managed Microsoft’s data center business for nearly two years, has left the company to join Apple and help them with their data center business. Timmons joined Microsoft in mid-2009 and helped oversee the completion of data centers in various locations. Microsoft has been working on building huge data centers for its Bing and Exchange Online services.

Timmons is known for building efficient Internet-scale data centers on a budget. Before Timmons worked at Microsoft, he was the Vice President of Operations at Yahoo, where he also managed their data centers and infrastructure.

Apple is working on completing a massive new data center in North Carolina that could possibly be a part of Apple’s cloud services featuring audio and video streaming and online storage for iTunes content.

This makes us wonder what incentive Timmons received for jumping ship from Microsoft to Apple.