Apple resetting iCloud backup’s on 22nd September

Zac Bowden

With iOS 5 well on it’s way, it was only a matter of time before Apple started to prepare their services for the official launch. Today, in a press statement, Apple will be resetting iCloud’s backups on the 22nd September 2011.

The iOS 5 GM is on approach, it will be the last version of iOS 5 to receive new features, the gold master is always released to fix bugs.

The Apple Developer Boards say: On Thursday, September 22, the iCloud Backup data will be reset. Backing up to iCloud or restoringfrom an iCloud backup will be unavailable from 9 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT. If you attempt a backup orrestore during this time, you will receive an alert that the backup or restore was not successful. After this reset, you will be unable to restore from any backup created prior to September 22. A full backup will happen automatically the next time your device backs up to iCloud.

iOS 5 is expected for official release in October, just as the iPhone 5 launches. What are you looking forward to in iOS 5? Leave your comments down below!