Apple Macbook Pro is the best performing Windows laptop based on ‘frustration analytics’


Apple Macbook Pro

No, this is not a typo or an April Fools joke. According to data from Soluto, who based their findings on ‘frustration analytics’, Apple’s Macbook Pro is actually the best Windows laptop compared to devices from Dell, Lenovo, and Acer.

Soluto bases its ‘frustration analytics’ on long term, ongoing analysis of large numbers of PCs. Soluto also takes into account events such as application crashes, hangs, BSODs, long boot times, and excessive background processes. Based on data from real people using their computer under ‘real conditions’, Solutio based its findings. In total, Soluto had a report with 224,144 application crashes and 84,251 blue-screens over a course of 3 months.

Soluto discovered that the Apple Macbook Pro 13 is the best Windows PC on the market, based on certain factors such as having a fresh Windows installation with no bloatware like other companies add to the setup.

Of course, lets not forget the disadvantages in using Windows on a Macbook. You have to worry about driver issues and extra hassles in getting Windows to work. “There are definite disadvantages to using Windows on Mac. First – there’s more work to do (buy windows, set-up BootCamp, install Windows, etc). Also, the keyboard is not optimized for Windows (e.g. no Del key), and there may be driver issues. But on the other hand, the Mac has an amazing trackpad unparalleled by any PC, and has a very solid build,” Soluto explains.

The Acer Aspire E1-571 was ranked at second place and it seems that Acer is “very stable and well-performing.” The Dell XPS 13 took third place, scoring high due to its premium features at a decent price point. Hit the source link to check out the entire list from Soluto.

Do you agree with Soluto’s findings? Have you found success in installing Windows on an Apple Macbook Pro?