Apple internally refers to its new design interface as ‘Modern UI’


iOS Modern UI

As most of us already know, Microsoft has been referring to the new Windows 8 operating system’s user interface as “Modern UI.” Now that Apple has rolled out its “flatter” new design for iOS and Mac, many critics are quick to point out that Apple has copied Microsoft.

As WSJ reports, Apple is now internally referring to its new design interface as “Modern UI.” Not surprisingly, Microsoft has been referring to Windows 8’s radical new design and look as “Modern UI” and formerly “Metro.” However, Apple realizes that many critics will jump on this so all Apple presenters have been told to not refer to the new design as “Modern UI” when giving demonstrations. This information comes from people familiar with the internal matter.

Microsoft originally came up with this new typography-based design language called Modern UI (it has also had other names such as Metro and Microsoft design language) and sees this new design as sleek, modern, and fresh compared to the stale icon interface of previous editions of Windows, iOS and Android.

Now that Apple has jumped on board the modern bandwagon and is referring to its product as Modern UI, the critics are going to go wild over this. But one has to think, is Apple in the wrong for jumping on board a new trend? Would Apple be fools NOT to adopt the modern design?