Apple dethroned from the top spot in the Most Valuable brands list, Microsoft rises to fourth spot

Hammad Saleem


According to a new report from a market research firm Millward Brown, Apple has lost the most valuable brand title to Google. The report mentions Apple saw a decline of 20 percent, reducing its brand value to $148 billion, while the search engine giant experienced a sharp increase of almost 40 percent, bumping its value to a whopping $158 billion. Microsoft was also one of the risers, gaining almost 29 percent, with their brand value residing at $90 billion. 

This might come as shocking news for the folks in Cupertino, as the company managed to keep the top spot for four straight years. As far as Google is concerned, the company has made decent investments in various fields of technology — driverless cars, Google Glass, and what not. 

There are quite a lot of technology companies in the list, including IBM which is in the third spot, followed by AT&T and Verizon also among the top 15. Other notable companies include Facebook which is at 21, Samsung in 29th, and it also includes some Chinese companies as well — China Mobile and the web portal Tencent in the top 15. 

As for Microsoft, the company is also working on improving the services it provides, be it Windows Phone, Windows 8, and more. Yesterday, the company introduced a much polished version of their Surface Pro tablet with Intel chips inside, and a continuous kickstand with support for angles from zero to 150.

The company calculates various positions using a tool called Optimor, as well as data generated from “150,000 interviews with consumers from around the world.”