Apple could be working on next-generation media apps for Windows

Arif Bacchus

iTunes for Windows 10

When Apple initially divided up iTunes into three different apps on macOS, the future of the app on Windows was rightfully put into question. Although the company eventually followed up to say that iTunes will stay on Windows, it looks as though things could be different in the future. As noted by Neowin, Apple could soon be planning to work on next-generation media apps for Windows.

This new rumor is fueled by a job listing on LinkedIn. The listing specifically mentions that Apple’s Media Apps team is looking for a Senior Software Engineer that loves music and is passionate about writing code. It also specifically mentions that the  team is looking for someone who can “work on the next generation of media apps for Windows.” The job description explains:

If you love music and you are passionate about writing code, and want to work with world-class engineering teams that ship to millions of users, the Media Apps team is the place for you.

Interestingly, the job listing suggests that these next-generation apps could perhaps be UWP clients available on both Xbox and Windows 10. In the key qualifications, Apple mentions experience with the UWP is a big plus. As Neowin points out, Apple recently launched its AppleTV+ service, which is available on many devices including Samsung Smart TVs, Roku and Fire TV. It could be that these next-generation apps might just be a port of AppleTV+, Apple Music, and Podcasts from macOS, maybe combined into one single modern experience, different from iTunes.

Apple currently has two apps in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store: iTunes, which is the company’s all-in-one app for Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts, as well as iCloud, which integrates with the Windows 10 File Explorer to help Windows users with iPhones, iPads, and iPods manage files, backups, and photos.