Apple Back to School Promo Beating Microsoft


For those looking for a new computer before going back to college this fall, you most likely noticed the promo in which Apple offered a $100 gift card while Microsoft offered a free Xbox. Both companies had neat deals to sway your decision, but who is winning? According to researchers, Apple is beating Microsoft 8 to 2.

Apple launched its annual Back to School promotion and instead of a free iPod with the purchase of a Mac, Apple is giving students a $100 dollar credit that can be used in the Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore.

Microsoft, on the other hand, launched its own back to school promotion in which students who purchased a Windows 7 PC over $699 would receive a free Xbox 360 4GB console.

Now, researchers are saying that 80% of students during the promotion purchased an Apple-based computer rather than a Windows-based computer. The surprising thing is.. both companies offered two very different promotions. Who wouldn’t want a free Xbox 360 (unless you already had one) over a gift card? The Xbox is worth more!

“Apple Back to School sale off to a strong start beating Microsoft 8 to 2. Our research indicates that ~80% of incoming students are buying Apple Computers vs. Windows computers. Incrementally more students, who are enrolled in the online university, such as Phoenix Online, are buying Apple Computers – this was not necessarily the case last year. Seniors are showing a very strong interest to buy an iPad before the school starts,” said Global Equities Research.

The research group even indicated that students would spend the $100 gift card to buy songs, rather than apps.

So roughly 80% of college students prefer a Mac over a PC. Very interesting. Microsoft was hoping to jump and crush the competition when Apple did not offer a free iPod like the previous years. Apple is pretty much making Microsoft look like a fool by outselling 8 to 2.

Apple’s promotion is set to end on September 20, 2011 while Microsoft’s promo ends September 9th, 2011 or “while supplies last.”