Apple adds support for Windows Precision Touch with Bootcamp update

Arif Bacchus

Apple has added support for WIndows Precision Touch in Bootcamp. The update should now be showing up on compatible Macs models that can run Windows 10, with a version 6.1.15 update and will weigh in at roughly 585.18 KB (via Reddit.)

With this support for Windows Precision Touch, you’ll be able to accomplish a few new things with your built-in MacBook or external touchpad. You can single tap to click, lower click in the right corner, and use three and four-finger gestures in Windows 10. Note that some settings in the Bootcamp Control Panel will use the Windows Precision Touchpad defaults as a result of this update, too.

This will only be the case if you see a “Your PC had a precision touchpad” message at the top of the Touchpad pane in Bootcamp Control Panel. If you don’t see the message, then your Mac doesn’t support the drivers, or Bootcamp isn’t updated. You can update through the Apple software Update app, or through Windows Update on newer Mac models.

Note that only MacBook models with an Apple T2 chip inside officially support the new Microsoft precision touchpad drivers. If not, then you’ll need to set your trackpad options using Boot Camp Control Panel instead. Apple explains the process on this support page. You also can try using a third-party driver, too which is actually available on Github.