AppFirst Collaborates with Couchbase, Expands Product Line


Delivers Open-Source Nagios Plug-In for Membase Server

NEW YORK, NY – May 19, 2011 – AppFirst, the only provider of complete data collection delivering proactive problem resolution to the mid-market, announced today it has worked closely with Couchbase and developed an open-source Nagios plug-in for the company’s Membase Server product. The plug-in is available in the Nagios Exchange today (click link here). Couchbase NoSQL database technology enables customers to dramatically lower costs while simultaneously improving the scalability and performance of their interactive applications, and is relied on by some of the world’s busiest web businesses including Zynga, AOL, the BBC and others.

“Our customers operate leading-edge interactive web applications, often with users that number from millions to hundreds of millions,” said Steven Mih, vice president of business development for Couchbase. “They rely on Couchbase NoSQL database technology to provide the simplicity, speed, and scalability to support their real-time data needs, ensuring applications are snappy and meet user expectations. We work with partners that enhance our ability to deliver on customer expectations, and AppFirst is an excellent example. AppFirst’s ability to deliver specific, accurate and speedy information on problems makes it an ideal solution to help our customers minimize the risk of disruption to their business.”

AppFirst’s Nagios Plug-In for Membase Server
The open-source plug-in created by AppFirst provides critical information on Membase Server internal stats that can be correlated with AppFirst’s “Miss Nothing Data” to shorten the find/fix cycle by as much as 85 percent. In addition, AppFirst’s solution also delivers a powerful, proactive way to troubleshoot issues related to resource utilization, performance and configuration problems. For example, using the Nagios plug-in, application architects can set thresholds on Membase Server stats to be alerted about issues before they become problems. By adding the historical data AppFirst collects from the plug-in and correlated with its “Miss Nothing Data,” users can quickly identify the source of an issue.

“AppFirst’s entire focus is on getting application architects and DevOps the data they need, when they need it, and making it relevant enough that it gets them straight to the root of the problem,” said Pamela Roussos, chief marketing officer for AppFirst. “Or even better yet, helps them solve a potential problem before it affects end users. Our work with Couchbase, and the availability of this plug-in brings AppFirst’s unique capabilities to the IT staff at some of the busiest websites in the world.”

AppFirst Delivers Correlated Data from Multiple Sources
As more and more businesses move to Cloud solutions, the demand for a new set of response time metrics increases. Currently, only AppFirst provides data that explains the responsiveness between the cloud provider layer and the cloud customer. For companies in the mid-market, that level of visibility into systems and applications can mean the difference between life and death. By correlating unique data from AppFirst Collectors along with data from other sources, IT staff has the context needed to identify and quickly solve application or performance issues. AppFirst’s patent-pending “miss nothing” functionality integrated with other data sources delivers a complete picture for problem resolution on a real-time basis.

The company’s other important troubleshooting feature, its Deterministic Root Cause, identifies the exact server where an issue is occurring, the process on the server causing the issue and what specifically the process is doing to disturb the response time of the application, essentially eliminating the tedious guesswork approach of the look, guess, fix and repeat approach. Coupled with the new ability to add information from outside sources, AppFirst automates the formerly manual process of searching every tier of an application and every layer of the IT infrastructure to identify the source. Hours, days and even weeks of time resolving performance issues are eliminated. With AppFirst technology, users have a true solution — application problem resolution that is proactive.