Windows Phone app update roundup: Facebook Messenger, Despicable Me, Metrotube, and Amazon Kindle

Hammad Saleem

Amazon Kindle

App updates are always welcomed, no matter how big or minor they are. Even a small number of bug fixes are appreciated, since it shows how committed the developers are to the operating system. Recently, a number of Windows Phone apps received an update, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Kindle, MetroTube, and Despicable Me. Some are just minor updates, while others introduces an array of features and improvements.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger was bumped to version 8.0.1, but it appears to be a minor one since there’s no change log. So, it’s safe to assume the update focuses on bug fixes and improvements.


MetroTube is a popular YouTube app for Windows Phone, which also received an update bumping the app to version 4.2. Once again, it appears to be a minor update since the Windows Phone store doesn’t list any change log.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle app give users the ability to read eBooks on their Windows Phone handset, including thousands of free Kindle books. Recently, the app was updated to version, and got rid of a few bugs related to app crashes on start up, alongside a bug where the app was stuck on the loading screen.

Despicable Me

Last but not the least, the endless runner game Despicable Me was also updated with several new features and improvements. There are a few new areas introduced in the latest update — Volcano Island and Inside the Volcano — as well as a new Boxer Minion costume.

Here’s the complete list of features as per the Windows Phone store:

  • New Jelly Lab area: Volcano Island
  • New secret area: Inside the Volcano
  • New costume: Boxer Minion
  • Overall bug fixes & optimizations
  • Various performance upgrades: Fixed the ability to claim event rewards, updated achievement and progress claim screens, fixed ability to complete random challenges

If you happen to be a regular user of any of the above mentioned apps, head over to the app store and update the apps.