App-DNA Ushers in Era of Application Intelligence


Release of AppTitude 5.0 a new take on application management

LAS VEGAS, NV March 21, 2011 – App-DNA, global leader in application intelligence, today announced from the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) a new generation of enterprise application management with the preview of AppTitude 5.0, the latest edition of the market-leading software. A new vision for IT decision making, AppTitude 5.0 integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Active Directory as well as any other data source related to users and the computing environment. App-DNA is exhibiting at MMS booth 507.

Application Intelligence™
The big idea behind AppTitude 5.0 is the concept of Application Intelligence™, the discipline that generates insight about every application in a company’s portfolio, then applies that insight to guide better decisions about:

Application Transformation projects – such as major migrations, virtualization, server-based computing, etc.
Application Lifecycles – streamlining the provisioning, maintenance and support of new applications right through their retirement.
Application Agility – the move to new deployment visions and user-centric computing in which applications are delivered to any device, anywhere, on demand.
All of these challenges are now significantly simplified by the Application Intelligence™ made possible by knowing every application’s DNA – including over 68,000 data points per application across 11 critical static and runtime dimensions.

Combining DNA insight with business insight
A major breakthrough in AppTitude 5.0 is the ability to integrate application and operating system DNA data with new sources of information, such as user, domain and endpoint, for operational insight.

Enterprises can, for the first time, adopt a user-centric approach by mapping the relationship between all kinds of applications, delivery formats, platforms and channels for endpoint impact.

This means decisions about applications – including deployment and management options – can now be informed by the real impact on the business and the users.

“Application Insight means informed decisions which can adapt dynamically to the evolving needs of the business,” explains Paul Schnell, App-DNA CTO, “One example: now you can see the best forward path for any application or any group of applications including the impact on compatibility, maintenance and migration costs as well as the availability to users and endpoints. That’s a first – and it’s a game changer.”

Beyond migration intelligence
AppTitude now combines its analysis of target platform compatibility into a comprehensive Forward Path™ analysis that recommends the best fit for each application.

Beyond major migrations, the intelligence dividend extends to every company’s ‘business as usual’ application management. AppTitude will accelerate and de-risk the onboarding and updating of new applications while driving significant costs out of the process.

Intelligent Automation
AppTitude 5.0 goes beyond reporting on an application’s readiness. It also automatically packages all applications (vendor supplied and in-house) that are ready for the new platform – and walks administrators through a ‘guided remediation’ process for the rest.

For the first time, automated application compatibility meets automated package creation and intelligent remediation for a complete, soup to nuts migration and application management solution.

“This isn’t just a new release, it’s a new vision,” explains App-DNA CEO Mike Welling, “It’s all about helping IT departments remove the complexity and the guesswork from application management decisions. Our clients tell us it’s where IT is going and we’re thrilled to be able to help them get there faster.”

“By enabling IT to understand their applications, App-DNA is helping enterprises lower the cost of managing desktops. If enterprises understand the applications that run the business, they can make better deployment decisions and see even better success with System Center Configuration Manager,” said Christian von Burkleo, Director Business Strategy, Management and Security Division, Microsoft Corp.

AppTitude is already the platform of choice for application compatibility testing and remediation to support major application migrations such as the move to Windows 7 and Microsoft Application Virtualization. Today’s AppTitude 5.0 announcement represents a major milestone for large companies keen to change the way they manage application portfolios.

AppTitude 5.0 will be released on April 19, 2011.