App-DNA Releases Internet Explorer Web Application Compatibility Module Benchmark Report Validates Web Application Testing, Reme


LONDON, UK– Jan. 27, 2011 – App-DNA, the global leader in application intelligence software, today released Internet Explorer web application testing and remediation features within the award-winning AppTitude application compatibility software platform. The new AppTitude module facilitates automated testing to enable enterprises to quickly determine the issues around moving web applications to Internet Explorer 8, often a significant challenge tied to an overall Windows 7 deployment. Today’s release adds to the current AppTitude capabilities for automated application testing and remediation of applications for Windows 7, 64-bit computing, application virtualisation technologies Microsoft App-V and Citrix XenApp, plus server based computing.

App-DNA survey research showed that more than 50% of respondents believe web application compatibility (IE8 compatibility) is a blocker for rolling out desktop applications. A surprising 30% were unsure. This shows that the first step in eliminating this perceived barrier is to get a view of IE8 compatibility upfront. AppTitude offers this capability in minutes through easy to read reports. In a new benchmark test from Broadband Testing, analysis of web applications with AppTitude for IE8 suitability took a few seconds or several minutes to complete. This saves enterprises months of “guesswork” in determining the success of web applications. Enterprises use AppTitude to plan the scope of projects, as well as complete the work. Click here to view the entire results of the Broadband Testing report.

Both survey respondents and beta testers of the new module saw internally developed websites such as intranets and portals as significant concerns for IE8 migrations. Commercial software applications for finance, order entry and customer sales were also high priority to the enterprises and system integrators who participated in the App-DNA research.

AppTitude includes key features to help enterprises accelerate web application testing and more successfully move to Internet Explorer 8:

• Accurate reporting – Through the use of unique algorithms, AppTitude is proven to achieve superior compatibility detection. Accuracy is pivotal to ensure there is no under or over reporting of issues – both of which result in unnecessary testing, time and costs.

• Web Application Capture of both static and rendered content – Automating user testing for web applications, AppTitude can allow user control over the depth of spidering through levels of links in the web page. The AppTitude spider includes a stop when it detects a form, allowing the user to complete the form and to continue to capture more of the application. AppTitude also has the ability to import web application source files to ensure maximum coverage.

• Stand-alone and integrated web capture tools – AppTitude web application capture tools can be run stand alone on physical or virtual machines on IE6 for testing. Alternately, AppTitude can be run through the client UI on IE8. This offers complete flexibility for enterprises.

“The bottom line is that AppTitude is the difference between making expensive mistakes when either blindly migrating web applications between browser versions in the hope that they will work when re-deployed, or spending potentially months and years manually carrying out migration testing and – instead – managing an automated migration test plan that both identifies problem areas and provides remedial actions,” said Steve Broadhead, Founder and Director of Broadband Testing, Networks blogger for Computer Weekly, and contributor to Network Computing in Germany and for IDG in Belgium.

“Organisations are seeing a proliferation of web-based applications, plus an expansion in the challenges in ensuring vital commercial and internally developed applications are compatible with Internet Explorer,” explained Paul Schnell, CTO, App-DNA. “App-DNA now automates this process for the immediate IE8 and Windows 7 migration. AppTitude helps organisations solve today’s issues, prepare for later versions like IE9, as well as manage the day to day business of adding new web applications. All of this helps enterprises take advantage of the benefits of IE8 and Windows 7.”