App Annie adds Windows, Windows Phone Store analytics, announces new Team Sharing feature

Kip Kniskern

App Annie adds Windows, Windows Phone Store analytics, announces new Team Sharing feature

App Annie, the “standard in app analytics and market data”, today announced that they’re pleased, “thrilled” actually, to be adding support for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store with App Annie Analytics and Store Stats.  App Annie has seen a lot of enthusiasm and requests by Windows and Windows Phone developers for support, and now it’s here. 

Now developers can get analytics for their apps, users can get insights into what’s new and interesting in the stores with Store Stats, and in a new feature, Team Sharing, development and marketing teams will be able to track their apps across stores.

For developers, App Annie can help to eliminate manual aggregation of app stats, according to the blog post announcing the new features:

Analytics aims to make app store and advertising data accessible and actionable for your app business by cutting out manual aggregation and eliminating the possibility of human error in your data collection. Once you’ve connected to Analytics, we’ll automatically collect and update all your data in your dashboard each day, as well as delivering a daily email with your key metrics so you can keep up with the your business’ bottom line from anywhere.

App Annie, the Standard in App Analytics

Store Stats will provide insights into top apps and their rank movements, including histories for the Windows Store going back to March 2013, and for the Windows Phone Store going back to March 2012.  Store Stats will now show not only top apps for the Windows and/or Windows Phone stores, but will add that data into information from across stores.  So now you’ll be able to see how apps are doing by store, comparing the Windows and Windows Phone Stores to iOS and Google Play. The Windows Phone Store will include Top Free, Paid, and New app charts, and the Windows Store will include even more information:

The Top Charts for the Windows Store provides even more visibility by showing the top apps for Free, Paid and Grossing apps, plus the New+Rising list. Those interested in better understanding the Windows ecosystem can use this list to see all the new apps that are gaining traction in one go,so you can spend time analyzing the apps having big impacts on the Windows Store. Store Stats even lets you segment top apps by device on the Windows Store, allowing you to filter by RT, x86 or x64.

That’s not all, along with Top Charts, other Store Stats features such as Rank History, Daily Ranks, App Details and Publisher’s Pages will also be available for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

App Annie also introduced a new feature for them today, called Team Sharing.  They explain:

 Let’s say your manager wants you to report on the total downloads for all apps in your company’s iTunes Connect (ITC), Google Play account, Amazon Store account and Windows Store account, broken down by app, to the Business Intelligence department each week. With App Annie’s newly introduced Team Sharing, you can simply create a team with all the key members from BI and share only the pertinent accounts with access to just the download data. This will not only save you the trouble spending valuable time pulling reports each week, but ensure that the data that the BI team gets is up-to-date and accurate.

With Microsoft planning to consolidate its app stores and put even more emphasis on apps which will run on Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox and more with only minor modifications, having App Annie on board to provide analysis not only for Windows apps but across platforms will be a valuable tool for developers, marketers, and market watchers.  Good news!