Apek Maxpad launched, is the world’s first Windows 8.1 touch TV and PC hybrid


Apek Maxpad launched Windows 8.1 PC-TV

Apek of Brazil has launched a range of Windows 8.1 powered smart TVs. Called the Apek Maxpad, it is being touted as the world’s first Windows Touch TV. The devices comes in three different screen sizes – 39, 50, and 63.5 inches.

The Apek Maxpad sports full-HD multi screens, and is powered by AMD A10 APU alongside a Radeon HD 7660 GPU, and has 8 gigs of RAM. There is a 5MP camera that can be used for video calling. For storage, it supports both regular HDD of up to 500 GBs and an SSD of around 60 gigs.

Maxpad also runs Windows 8.1, but features some of its own software that can be used to take screenshots of the content you’re watching on the TV. You can also sign-in with your social network account to chat with your friends.

To make it even more attractive, the Maxpad sports a DVR feature which will allow you to rewind live TV shows for up to 150 minutes. The TVs are now available for sale in Brazil, though they are very pricey. The 39-inch model costs $5,400, while, the 50-inch model can be yours for $9,000. The 63.5-inch variant, which is the biggest one Apek is offering as of now, costs a whopping sum of $12,000.