Another Windows 10 Mobile phone in the works, this time from WhartonBrooks

Laurent Giret

Earlier this morning, we reported that Chinese manufacturer Cube started selling a new Windows 10 Mobile phablet in Spain but it seems that we could soon count another new Windows Phone OEM. Whartonbrooks, a new manufacturer based in Connecticut,  announced today new Windows 10 Mobile products named Cerulean smartphones that will “radically change the mobile computing industry” later this fall (via Windows Central).

We don’t know much about this company yet, and its social media profiles all seem to have been created recently as they’re still empty of any content. We only found this picture on the company’s Facebook page, but this phone could be literally anything.

Is this the first Cerulean smartphone from Whartonbrooks?
Is this the first Cerulean smartphone from Whartonbrooks?

The company’s first and only press release features all the buzzwords needed to make Windows Phone enthusiasts excited about these upcoming devices:

Coming this fall, WhartonBrooks will bring customer-centric advancements that will enable computing to be more personal, flexible, and secure. We accept the challenge to bring forth the loyalty and excitement that has been historically a description of the Windows Phone fan base.

Overall, it seems that Continuum will be a big focus for the manufacturer and according to the press release the company will introduce its own wireless display adapter. This is quite unusual as so far Microsoft, HP and Acer all released wired Continuum docks for their high-end Windows 10 Mobile handsets. Additionally, the company also specifically mentions a remote access to desktop apps use case, but it’s not clear if the company will provide this feature through its own solution or via an existing app like Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app:

When connected to our wireless display adapter, your phone can stream its content to any screen. This opens up a whole new level of Modular Computing, allowing your phone to serve as the only computer you will ever need. For desktop computing, you can wirelessly connect to a keyboard and mouse and have a full PC experience. Now you have the capability to duplicate your enterprise environment while at home or travel.  On any size display, browse the web, develop software, create that killer pitch with PowerPoint, send an email, and have a remote session with your desktop applications at work-all from your smartphone.

Lastly, the company promises that consumers will enjoy direct access to the company’s engineers, developers and support team to provide direct feedback on the products:

The innovations we are bringing to our devices will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000. The key to our success is the incorporation of your feedback into our products. We want you to love our products and enjoy the experience. Our customers (current and future) have direct access to our engineers, developers, and support teams. This technological disruption (our new path for consumers) is guiding the development of WhartonBrooks and our Cerulean smartphones.

These are all impressive commitments, but we still don’t know anything about these upcoming Cerulean smartphones. In fact, it’s not even clear how many phones are in the pipeline as the company mentions “products” and “smartphones” in the press release but a sign-up form on the company’s website invite consumers to “be the first to pre-order our smartphone in the fall of 2016.” We’ll let you know if we learn more information about this company, in the meantime let us know in the comments if you think this manufacturer has any chance the shake the Windows Phone market in a meaningful way.