Another video showing what Pokemon Go on HoloLens would be like, this time outdoors

Kit McDonald

The release of Pokemon Go has everyone out and about holding up their phone and tossing Pokeballs, a skill that many have yet to master. Ever since the application went public, Android and iOS users have been traveling and catching the digital critters. But Windows enthusiasts are left wanting more. With the feedback forum thread gaining a lot of attention, the official response by Microsoft thrilled a lot of us with potential promise of the game coming to Windows Store.

But why stop there? The thought of bringing Pokemon Go to HoloLens just makes sense to some. Developer teams such as those from Koder have made promising prototypes. The video shows a casual stroll featuring the virtual creatures perched on top of trash bins and fences, ground Pokemon poking out of the dirt, and even some in flight.

The “developers as a service” company isn’t the only group that has created a visual of what Pokemon Go would look like through Microsoft HoloLens. Developers from CapitolaVR released a video of the popular game created through a breed of the Unity cross-platform game development tool and the HoloLens SDK.

The potential for the Pokemon Go is something that even Microsoft has acknowledged. Satya Nadella’s hope for the application is that the augmented reality feature will boost interested in conversions towards the HoloLens development. The CEO didn’t give any reason to think that the game would come to the device beyond generating interest. Thankfully for excited fans, John Hanke at Niantic hinted towards the Pokemon Go app releasing on augmented reality devices in the future.

Impressively enough, the Pokemon Go petition on Change.Org continues to skyrocket. As of earlier this week, it logged nearly 50,000 signed names that all want to see the conversion come to reality, and sits at 82,068 as of this posting. Combined with the feedback thread and the petition, this could be an outcry that Microsoft and Niantic can’t refuse.