Another VAIO Windows 10 Mobile appears, passes WiFi certification

Kit McDonald

Smartphone news site Moto G has discovered VAIO’s newest high-end smartphone slipping its way through WiFi certification. The model number VPU051C11N gave itself away, stating that it runs Windows 10 Mobile, along with a few other minor details about the phone. Now it only needs to pass the FCC tests before it can officially go on the market.

Many signs point to the elusive Phone Biz, originally announced as an aluminum handset earlier this year in February. The 5.5 inch high-resolution display, 3GB of RAM, and 16GB internal memory has had everyone wanting to get their hands on the new Windows 10 Mobile device.

According to Moto G, a Bluetooth SIG certification revealed a Windows 10 Mobile design marked as model VPU051C11N, too.

Some speculators insist that this could be a plan to bring the Phone Biz to a more global market. The fact that VAIO confirmed just after their announcement that they hadn’t any intention to bring the device to the United States doesn’t help speculators workout what VAIO’s plans are.

It was just last year that another VAIO device called Quanta MTP8952 was reported going through benchmarks and tests. In fact, the GFX Benchmark showed that a device much smaller than the Phone Biz with a 4.7 inch screen passed through.

Given the little detail from the WiFi test, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly if this is the same model as the Phone Biz or the Quanta. Given the expected release of VAIO’s new handset it’s possible that one of them are related. Of course, it goes without saying that speculators should remain cautious until an official announcement is made.

Thanks to our reader Gerva for tipping us!