Another police department buys into Windows phone

Arif Bacchus

Lumia Windows Phone

Back a year ago, we reported that the NYPD was using Windows Phone in the fight to cut down crime in New York City. Impressively so, the phones allowed the city’s 35,000 police officers to securely access a new domain awareness system, view 911 calls, and also access several New York databases, and use voice translation services. With this so, a new report out by the folks at ZDNet, now indicates that the Hamburg police in North Germany are following in the paths of the NYPD by deploying 900 Lumia phones inside the force.

According to the report, the deployment of the Lumia phones in the North Germany city is part of a program called “Police 4.0,” which aims to allow officers to securely share messages, pictures, and other information with each other via a Messenger24 messaging app. The deployment of the Lumias is reported to cost at around  €100,000 and is based on the UWP platform and dependent on Microsoft’s Lync servers. Officers with the phones also are reported to focus less on administration tasks, since the phones will have access to the Hamburg police criminal data base, POLAS.

What other fields do you think Windows Phone can be used in? Given the fact that the HP Elite x3 Windows Phone has support for external scanning accessories, there could be endless possibilities! Let us know your thoughts below.