Another leader is leaving 343 Industries on the heels of studio head’s departure

Robert Collins

A few days ago we reported that the head of 343 Industries and Corporate Vice President of Xbox Game Studios, Bonnie Ross, would be retiring effective immediately. The news was very much unexpected. In a tweet Ross cited “a family medical issue” as the reason for her sudden departure from Microsoft after 27 years, 15 of which were spent leading the Halo franchise.

In another turn of events, we are learning that another team leader over at 343 will soon make an exit from the company. Leader of technical development David Berger, who oversaw the development of Halo Infinite’s Slipspace Engine, will be leaving the team. This is according to a report by Lords of Gaming which has been independently confirmed by Windows Central.

Berger worked on various games including Too Human, Shadowrun and Mechwarrior as director before becoming Director of Engineering at 343 Industries in 2008. His departure (which is at this time still unconfirmed) will mark the latest in a string of them including those of Halo Infinite Art Director Nicolas Sparth and Head of Design Jerry Hook.