Entry-level Windows Phone from Vobis Computer to launch in Russia soon

Hammad Saleem

Another entry-level Windows Phone to launch in Russia soon

Microsoft has added a number of new hardware partners for Windows Phone earlier this year. The company even mentioned that free Windows license program have attracted many entry-level manufacturers to release budget-friendly devices in emerging markets. This is definitely good news for the software giant since their homegrown operating system can offer competition in the market dominated by Android. 

We’ve seen a number of entry-level handsets being launched in Russia, and according to a new report, Vobis Computer is reportedly set to launch a cheap Windows Phone handset under the “Highscreen” brand, which will carry a price tag under $100. 

At the moment, there’s no word about the specifications it will offer, but the report says it will feature an autofocus camera and a high capacity battery to make sure it can provide enough juice for the handset. Don’t just get your hopes very high, since it’s priced under $100, we can expect it to offer specifications similar to the Lumia 530, or 630. 

As for the launch, the report pegs the launch to take place on October 14th.