Another alleged Windows Phone handset codenamed ‘Monarch’ headed to T-Mobile

Hammad Saleem


With the Build 2014 just around the corner, it makes sense for the rumor mill to intensify. Previously, we heard rumors that Nokia will unveil a high-end Nokia Lumia 930, as well as the Nokia Lumia 630, at the press event in San Francisco. Now, the prolific Twitter leaker @evleaks sent out another tweet letting Windows Phone fans know about another mysterious device, codenamed Monarch, which is headed to T-Mobile in the US.

The new Monarch device is a mystery actually. This is the first time we’re hearing this codename and there could be many possibilities. T-Mobile is selling the Nokia Lumia 521, which has gained a lot of traction, so there’s a possibility that the purported Nokia Monarch could be the Lumia 630 for T-Mobile. 

Nokia has already sent out invitations for their press event at Build 2014, which will take place from April 2nd in San Francisco. The event image did hint at the launch of more Windows Phone powered devices — #MoreLumia — but the company didn’t give out the name of what users can expect.

If you’re a Windows Phone fan, it’s time you mark your calendars for April 2nd. It’s not just new Windows Phone handsets, Microsoft is also expected to take the wraps off its latest operating system – Windows Phone 8.1. What do you think about this purported Monarch device from Nokia? Fire away with your thoughts in the comments.