Another Acompli feature, Focused Inbox, making its way to “other Outlook flavors”

Laurent Giret

Calendar Apps for Outlook iOS

A year ago, Microsoft launched its Outlook apps on iOS and Android following the acquisition of email app Acompli. The apps have since then become a solid email client on both mobile platforms by offering IMAP support, customizable swipe gestures as well as calendar apps to see your tasks, events, and notes from Wunderlist, Facebook and Evernote all within your Outlook calendar.

The Outlook apps on iOS and Android also have an exclusive feature with Focused Inbox: by default, the app will separate your email into two tabs and put important emails in your “Focused” inbox while letting all the rest of your emails in the “Other” section. It’s a pretty handy feature, and it can also learn what kind of emails are important to you as you move email in or out of your Focused Inbox.

But if you would like to see Focused inbox being supported on other platforms, Acompli founder and Microsoft Corporate VP of Outlook Javier Soltero has teased yesterday on Twitter that the feature will soon be “coming to all flavors of Outlook”:

Of course, as Outlook is available as a desktop app on Windows and Mac OS X, as a UWP app on Windows 10 devices and also on the web via on the Outlook web app for Office 365 customers, you may wonder if all Outlook apps will soon support the feature. While Soltero didn’t reveal all the details yesterday, he still shared that the feature would come to the Windows 10 UWP app following a question from a Twitter user.

It’s great to see that Microsoft seems committed to provide a consistent Outlook experience across all platforms. As of now, Microsoft has yet to complete the rollout to the new experience to all its users (and we expect the web app to support the Focused Inbox as well) while the Outlook UWP app is still missing support for some basic features such as Outlook tasks. If you already tried the Outlook app on other mobile platforms, let us know in the comments if you would like to use the Focused Inbox feature in other Outlook apps.