Everything announced as coming to Microsoft 365 this week: Schedule Send Suggestions in Teams Chat and more

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft 365 Basic

It’s already Friday folks, and that means that it’s time to take a look back at the week that was and recap some of the key features that Microsoft announced to be coming to the Microsoft 365 suite. Here’s everything you need to know:

Schedule Send Suggestions in Teams Chat

With more organizations now taking up hybrid work, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the majority of the employees in a particular organization might be working asynchronously across different time zones.

With this in mind, communication is important and plays a major role in determining how successful a business venture turns out. However, at times it may pose a challenge since it may be impossible to relay information to the right party at the right time.

But with the schedule send suggestions feature coming to Microsoft Teams chat, users will be able to see schedule send suggestions that enable postponing message delivery until the start of the chat recipient’s working hours.

According to Microsoft, the feature tagged 98159 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap:

  • With schedule send suggestions for chat turned on, users with Viva Insights subscriptions can get an unlimited number of scheduling suggestions for postponing message delivery to their coworkers.
  • With schedule send suggestions for chat turned off, users will not get any schedule send suggestions.

The feature is expected to hit general availability towards the end of this month.

Teams Rooms: Windows 11 support for Teams Rooms on Windows devices

Microsoft has also announced that Teams Rooms on Windows devices that are capable of running Windows 11 will now be able to also receive the Windows 11 22H2 release.

This will be offered and installed on their devices with 4.16 dot release (a newer release than currently available). Devices that are not eligible due to an incompatible processor will continue to use Windows 10 per Windows hardware support policy. These devices will be offered Windows 10 22H2 release.

As for the devices that are not eligible to make the upgrade, will continue to run on Windows 10 which is set to hit its end-of-support date. Microsoft also indicated that Teams Rooms on Windows OEMs will shift their manufacturing to Windows 11 IoT Enterprise. This is because Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is about to hit its end of support in October this year.

OEMs with existing Windows 10 licenses inventory (or to support recovery media for existing Windows 10 based devices) may continue to provide Windows 10 based images for some time that should automatically update to Windows 11 post setup. All OEMs are expected to move to Windows 11 IoT Enterprise based images in future. Customers should ensure all new hardware purchases check for Windows 11 compatibility to future proof their device investment.

The feature tagged 122148 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmaps is expected to hit general availability in late May.

Microsoft Teams: Intelligent Meeting Recap

Finally, Teams users with premium licenses will now have access to the platform’s comprehensive meeting overview in the new Recap tab. The feature tagged 122529 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap is powered by AI and provides users with “personalized highlights and key insights from the meeting.”

The feature is expected to start rolling out in mid-May and will hit broader availability by late May. That’s it for this week folks!

We invite you to check out last week’s recap in case you happened to miss it. Let us know which Microsoft 365 feature you’re anticipating most in the comments.