Animated anthology Halo Legends is now on Netflix

Laurent Giret

Good news for Netflix subscribers, you can now watch the Halo Legends collection of anime films on the popular video streaming services. The release was announced on Twitter earlier today by the Halo Team:

For those unfamiliar with the anthology, Halo Legends is a collection of seven short anime films that explore Halo’s beloved sci-fi universe. The compilation was originally released back in 2010, so it’s nice to see it finally land on Netflix.

Here is the official description:

This sweeping science-fiction saga delves into the rich Halo universe with 7 exciting stories (told in 8 parts) focused on Master Chief’s mysterious origins, the Spartans’ advanced combat capabilities and the tense rivalry between Spartans and Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs). Created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading animators from Japan, Halo Legends draws you into the center of humankind’s ongoing battles with the Covenant, dynamically depicted in cutting-edge animation styles that deliver breathtaking visuals and gripping adventure. Go beyond the game and join the roll call of Halo Legends.

The seven episodes have a total running time of 120 minutes, so you probably won’t have any trouble binge watching the complete anthology. If you already watched it, let us know in the comments if this a must-watch for Halo fans.