Angry Birds Star Wars first gameplay revealed, coming soon to Windows 8 and WP8


Rovio, the guys who made Angry Birds famous, have officially announced the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars, which will debut on various platforms, including Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, on November 8th. Now, a new video has been released showcasing the first gameplay of this exciting game!

“People have said this will be the geek explosion of 2012. It’s just a lot of fun,” Rovio’s vice president Ville Heijari stated. The game will focus around the 1977 movie ‘A New Hope’ and will feature characters such as Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewy fighting against storm-trooper pigs. This game is set for launch on November 8th and will be available for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Mac. “This is the best Angry Birds game, which we have ever done. In fact as a big Star Wars fan, I am really excited about this new universe,” Rovio’s Director of Marketing Peter Vesterbacka stated. Are you excited too? Take a look at the first video depicting gameplay below: