Angry Birds Star Wars 2 for Windows Phone updated – master the force with new challenging levels

Hammad Saleem

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds is a franchise that doesn’t require any introduction. Yes, you shoot a collection of angry birds at the evil ferocious pigs; however, the case is a little different when it comes to Angry Birds Star Wars 2, a title based on the popular sci-fi movie. In this title, you get the ability to choose the pig side for the first time. Recently, the app was bumped to version 1.6, and comes with a number of new levels and features.

With the new update, the developer introduced 30 new challenging levels — 15 on both the pork and the bird side. Additionally, you can choose which pig or bird you want in battle, either from your saved characters or by scanning the Telepods in your possession. The complete change log is as follows:

  • Get ready to MASTER YOUR DESTINY! Start as a Jedi Youngling or Sith Hopeful and rise the ranks in this all-new chapter! This time you choose what bird or pig to sling into battle from your saved characters or by scanning your Telepods!
  • 15 NEW BIRD SIDE LEVELS! To become a Jedi Knight needs discipline!
  • 15 NEW PORK SIDE LEVELS! Dark is the path to becoming a Sith Knight!

Head over to the Windows Phone Store, and grab the update. If you haven’t played, give the game a try, it costs $0.99.