Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone adds 40 new levels, NASA spacecraft and more


Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone adds 40 new levels, NASA spacecraft and asteroid shower in its biggest update till date

The popular title in the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Space, has received its biggest update to date. Help the birds stuck in the wormhole chase those bad pigs in over 40 new levels. While you’re at it, you can also help the birds find a NASA spacecraft.

Bumping up the version number to, the game title adds a total of 40 new levels, introduces asteroid showers, and several other interesting elements. Here’s a rundown on what new features and challenges you can expect to see in the updated Angry Birds Space.

  • New Levels: The game adds 40 new levels, each with 20 interstellar levels. You can unlock the part 2 by getting all the stars in Part 1, or you know, shelling out a few bucks during in-app purchases.
  • Find the NASA spacecraft: once you have unlocked 4 levels, you get an opportunity to find NASA research spacecraft – the Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact and Dawn.
  • Bonus Levels:  Each part comes with three bonus levels. But you’ll have to get three stars and a feather on each level to unlock them all.
  • Send in the mighty buzz: Buzz Aldrin, the legendary astronaut and moonwalker, is at hand to save the day if things get tough!
  • Asteroid Shower: Navigate burning, freezing and radioactive space rocks – and look out for some strange things happening to those pigs!
  • Gas tanks and batteries: The pigs have kitted out their structures and contraptions with some unstable energy cells – try giving them a nudge, maybe. 

You can grab the updated version from the download link below. Let us know how you like these new features.

Thanks Aaditya for the tip!