Angry Birds Go brings kart racing birds and pigs to Windows Phone


Angry Birds Go bring kart racing birds and pigs to Windows Phone

Though there was a partial leak the other day, this time Rovio’s Angry Birds Go has made a real, and complete, landing in the Windows Store. The teaser was able to be downloaded and installed, but not played. When launched, the game immediately began attempting to download another file it required, and that was not available. That major bug has now been worked out, as the title has moved from 0.9 to 1.0 for its official debut.

“In Angry Birds Go! you see Piggy Island in glorious 3D for the first time ever as you race through speedways, canyons, stunt roads and air courses as your favorite character”, the Finnish game maker announces. There are more that 50 karts to choose from and players can expect to encounter a healthy amount of in-app purchases. Rovio has partnered with Hasbro to introduce Telepods to the gameplay as well.

The game is free and has launched on not only Windows Phone, but also on Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It’s a 98 MB download and requires you to be running Windows Phone 8. Rovio promises regular updates, just as it delivers with its other games. Most notably, there are plans to bring multiplayer capabilities in the spring of 2014. If you installed the leaked build then you should find an update waiting for you in the store.