Angry Birds 2 will not be on Windows Phone or Windows 10

Sean Michael

Angry Birds 2

Bad news for users of Windows Phones who love hurling birds at pigs. Angry Birds 2 will not be arriving on Windows Phone. The original Angry Birds arrived on Windows Phone two years after the initial release and now won’t be coming to the platform at all.

WMPowerUser has posted a response from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, about the game not coming to Windows Phone. In it Rovio apologizes and says that they “hope that you have a chance to play the game on one of the supported platforms, such as Android or iOS! (excitement not added).

Peter Vesterbacka whose Twitter description includes “Mighty Eagle, one of the Angry Birds” also clarified that at least for now, there aren’t any plans to have Angry Birds 2 on Windows 10.

This is an odd bit of news. The first Angry Birds is not a very complicated game and seems like an ideal candidate for porting to Windows 10. It’s a game that is played on phones and tablets and desktops so a universal app would also make sense and take advantage of the millions of devices that will be running Windows 10. Instead, Rovio has decided to not make either “for the time being.”

Angry Birds 2 does roll out on July 30 which places it between the release of Windows 10 for desktops and tablets and Windows 10 Mobile. We’ll have to wait and see if the user base size of Windows 10 changes Rovio’s mind.