Android Still Slaughtering Apple and Microsoft


As we already know, Google’s Android operating system has dominated in the mobile operating system market share for nearly a year now. A new report indicates that Google’s Android mobile operating system is still number 1 with a 54% share. This beats out Apple’s iOS which is at 26% and Microsoft at 2%.

From what we see in the above screenshot courtesy of Millennial Media, Google’s Android operating system has a 54% share and continues to dominate in the mobile market.

Android now has a 54% market share. Apple’s iOS has a 26% share, while Microsoft continued its downward spiral with a 2% market share. RIM currently holds on to a market share of 15%.

Comparing Comscore’s data from February 2011 with this new data, lets see what has changed. Based on the data, we saw that Google’s Android operating system had a 33% market share. Apple’s iOS had a 25.2% market share and Microsoft had a 7.7% share. RIM had a 28.9% share back in February.

While Android may be the top mobile operating system based on market share, the Apple iPhone is still the number one smartphone. Apple continued to be the number 1 phone manufacturer with Samsung coming in at number 2. Take a look at the screenshot below for the top 15 smartphones:

Did anyone see a Windows Phone device on that list? This is not good news for Microsoft as they have been working hard to increase their share. Microsoft is working hard to pull out all stops to ensure its Windows Phone division does not fail. CEO Steve Ballmer recently admitted that the platform was struggling to gain traction. “We know we’ve got a lot to do, but like the cloud, like NT many years back, we’re all in when it comes to mobile devices. And whether it’s phones, or slates, or PCs, or console devices, we’re certainly pushing extremely far, and extremely fast,” Ballmer argued.

You can download the full report here