Android 13 makes its way to the Surface Duo [Unofficially]

Kevin Okemwa

If you’ve been longing for Android 13 support to ship for your Surface Duo device, it seems your wait is finally over. Courtesy of a former Microsoft developer, Thai Nguyen, you’ll be able to upgrade your Surface Duo to a modern Android version.

Microsoft first shipped the entry back in 2020 and hasn’t been keen on pushing a new operating system to the device. At least, up until last year when the company officially released Android 12L for the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2. And while Microsoft is yet to officially ship Android 13 to the entry, the ex-developer has made significant strides and efforts to bring a new operating system to the device.

The new OS sports a Pixel-like Android 13 experience. Additionally, the new experience also ships with support for the device’s different postures. This way, the foldable provides a seamless experience and transition regardless of the mode it’s currently set to.

Admittedly, since the release isn’t official, the developer has cited a couple of issues that you may encounter in case you decide to download Android 13. For instance, the UX and posture may appear to be faulty from time to time. Those interested in making the download can find the link on the developer’s account or head over to GitHub. He further added that there are plans underway to make the experience smoother.