AT&T begins official roll out of Android 12L for its Surface Duo devices

Kareem Anderson

Surface Duo - Android 12L hero

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about its Surface Duo users locked to AT&T as their carrier as the official Android 12L update began hitting device this week alongside a security firmware update for both s Duo models.

Android 12L on the Surface Duo 2 has been a mixed bag of experiences for many owners as the update initially landed relatively flawlessly but within two weeks users began tracking several issues with their devices as a result of updating.

There have been workarounds and patchwork solutions open-sourced from the small community of Duo 2 owners and unfortunately it looks like they have to continue to suffice for now as Microsoft’s latest firmware update delivers only a security update.

However, for original Surface Duo owners specifically locked to AT&T devices, not only do they receive the same nominal security patch but the full suite of features that come with Android 12L upgrade.

Surface Duo - Android 12L Settings

Here at we’ve covered the list of new features and experiences coming to Duo devices with Android 12L, and while we only had Duo 2 devices as reference, it would seem all of the same items can be found within the original Duo update as well.

Anecdotally, I’ve also tracked some issues others have had prior to the official roll out of Android 12L on the Surface Duo that resulted in a possible Google Services bug crashing and leading to a Factory Reset Loop. The correlation between Google Services attempting to deliver the Android 12L update and the end result being a Factory Reset Loop because the image of Android couldn’t be read by Google Services may be tenuous, but seems relevant.

Personal experience aside, Surface Duo owners should be cautious when upgrading their devices to Android 12L. Fortunately, there are several resources available via YouTube, Twitter (for as long as it lasts), and Reddit, for patchwork solutions should something go awry.

Happy downloading!