An updated OneNote UWP app is coming soon to all users

Kit McDonald

Last week, OneNote received an update to include the use of multiple accounts and notebooks at once. This was only the tip of the iceberg according to a report from Neowin.

OneNote Program Manager Lead William Devereux announced on Twitter that the new features will be on their way “soon”. In fact, they are already available in the Fast ring with Slow ring sure to follow.

One step further, Microsoft has been on the sly. In the last few OneNote updates, some experimental features have already made their debut. The new UI can be accessed in the latest version of the UWP by enabling “Experimental Features” under Settings > Options.

The “top community requests” that are currently available in the app include:

  • A refreshed user interface
  • The ability to hide page previews in the Notebook view
  • The ability to hide spelling error lines
  • An easier way to hide the navigation sidebar on tablets, increasing the area available for inking
  • A more visible toggle for enabling full-screen drawings

While the team hasn’t added other features such as audio recording, Devereux ensured the community that they are listening to feedback intently, especially while they work towards feature parity between the OneNote with Office 365 and the Windows 10 UWP app.