AMD’s Llano could heat up chip war with Intel


Think Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors were entering the chipset market without direct competition? Think again. The processor competition will heat up as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is set to compete in the market with its new line of processors that will rival Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips.

As ComputerWorld reports, AMD has already begun shipping its new A-series processors (codenamed Llano) in laptops. This could potentially intensify the chip battle between the two rival companies. Both CPU’s combine a CPU and graphics processor inside a single chip.

Although Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors are able to provide better CPU performance, AMD’s Llano chips, either dual core or quad core, have better graphic intensive capabilities. In other words, AMD’s chips provide a better visual presentation for hardcore gamers and movie watchers.

One thing to note is that AMD’s Llano chips are based on an architecture that is six to seven years old. For those requiring a fast CPU for CPU intensive applications, Sandy Bridge is the way to go.