AMD unleashes the Radeon FreeSync 2 for gaming displays

Michael Cottuli


Some more gaming hardware came out of CES 2017, but it isn’t necessarily for consumers. The latest technology is coming from AMD, a company that prides itself on being one of the biggest in PC gaming. They’ve come out with FreeSync 2, which is going to be available to monitor manufacturers in the near future.

FreeSync technology has been available since 2015, and it’s been aimed at making sure that gamers don’t have to screw around with their monitor settings when they’re trying to optimize performance. FreeSync 2 is going to accomplish much of the same thing, but it’ll be even better.

“With FreeSync 2, we will provide to the game engine the native characteristics of the monitor you have attached,” Glen said. “That’s going to be individualized for every monitor. If you plug in a monitor with more capability, the game will be told. This provides the best possible image quality result on the monitor you have on your desk.”

The adaptive nature of FreeSync 2 makes things a whole lot easier for gamers who pick up new monitors and don’t want to screw around with settings in order to avoid glitches. While you won’t end up picking this tech up in the store like some of the other exciting new technologies in CES 2017, people who pick up new monitors this year may see an impact.